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Sara Nuru - Adventure Mexico

TV-Show (5 episodes)

NDR & Doclights (2022)

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Sara Nuru, former top model and successful entrepreneur for fair trade coffee, travels through Mexico and experiences unusual and touching stories. Five episodes full of reggaeton and colourful Latin & hiphop grooves, in which she explores the topics of transsexuality, art, culture and machismo in Mexico.


TV-Show (26 episodes)

Can't Stop Media & Riverside Entertainment (2012/2013)

Funnymals is English comedy at its best. This is high-quality animal footage with comic potential, which has been dubbed over by English comedians and set to music by Gudrun Lehmann. The 26-part format (30 mins each) sells all over the world. From the hundreds of musical clips, these are some examples that show her great stylistic range.


Short film (23 minutes)
Benjamin Martins (2013)

In his debut film, Benjamin Martins tackles the little-discussed topic of child and youth prostitution. The fictional film shows the situation from the perspective of a person affected. Paul is 16 years old and earns his pocket money working the streets. He responds to his bleak everyday life by fleeing into his own, better imaginary worlds. He only finds support and intimacy in an idiosyncratic pact he has made with the ants from the neighbourhood.


Short film (107 seconds)

Mecki Fiedler & Frauke Thielecke (2010)

This collaboration was created by choreographer Mecki Fiedler and director Frauke Thielecke for a choreography competition. The film is based on the poem City.

Schule am See

TV-Show (4 seasons, episodes of 45 minutes length)

ARD (1997/1998)

Gudrun Lehmann composed the score for the first season of the successful ARD series "Die Schule am See," as well as theme music and other songs for the soundtrack CD.